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Welcome to MKP Queensland


Here is some of what we do!

Check out this great video - from a young man's perspective of what the Mankind Project does!

New Brothers Homecoming QLD.

Just listen to the stories - you don't really need more convincing than that - do you?

This Is Who We Are

Our Philosophies


Being able to support men in discovering their emotions. When a man touches and learns how to share his emotions his whole life changes.

Emotional Responsibility


Being Emotionally responsible to himself - his wife/partner, his kids and then at his work place  helps a men create a better life for himself.

When Kids lookup to you...

Kids looking up to Dad's

What do they see - an emotionally responsible Dad? a Dad who listens? and Dad that holds them safe? - only you know that answer!

Soldiers and First Responders


Our Journey Home Training provides the tools needed to deal with the pain and the hurt - then learn how to integrate back into home and society - you deserve nothing less!.

Domestic Violence


Our trainings helps men to discover WHY they are so angry, why they lash out at their loved ones 

We show YOU how to stop doing that shit! 

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How We Support Men to Become BETTER Men!

Integration-or I-Groups


The cornerstone of who we are - Men Supporting Men daily/weekly/forever... that is what our Integration groups provide to EVER Initiated man or New Warrior as we call them.

Open I-groups


Our I-groups welcome in un-initiated men (men who have not completed the NWTA) to sit in circle and get a feel for what we say and do! 

Many I-groups across the state meet weekly!

Leadership Trainings


Across Australia an indeed across the world we conduct multiple Leadership Trainings to provide men with a VERY high Awareness of his leadership and how that can play out in his life!

Diversity Trainings


Our clear belief is if our New Warriors understand Diversity and Privilege, understand Racism, Sexism etc.. 

They  will be able to hold new men safe on our trainings and in the world.

New Brothers invited to STAFF


Our NWTA weekends require  minimum 30-40 staff to hold safe 20-30 new initiates - so the opportunity to give back and learn is always open to every New Warrior no matter his age!

Various Opportunties to Grow!


Eldership/Leadership/Lodge Keepers Group/Community. Every man has the opportunity to join any of these constituencies once initiated as a New brother.

About Us

Diverse Men leading the way - past Queensland Council Members


Men supporting men to become BETTER men - simple Really!

Our history


Created in Queensland in December 2000 Now in all states of AU and NZ. 60,000+ men around the world initiated into becoming "better" men! We have a belief that the more we support Men/Fathers the more we support the next generation - that is our legacy!

Our mission


Originally to change the World ONE man at a time... In the year 2019 we are building and supporting the emotionally mature, accountable, and compassionate male role models that our communities so desperately need.

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PO BOX 915, Oxenford, QLD 4210, AU

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